Welcome to WMR Classic!

WMR Classic is a non-commercial web radio channel streaming from the Netherlands that revives the flavor and the programs of the World Music Radio of the '80s.

The current World Music Radio (WMR) is an independent, radio station that features a mix of the best music from around the world, focusing on tropical world music.

Music crosses all frontiers, and WMR is a truly international radio station programmed to bring people together and share the same experiences, thus enhance international understanding, just a little better.

Started as a "pirate" radio station in the Netherlands, having gone through struggling periods, WMR is now a licensed radio station based in Denmark broadcasting on AM and the web.

For more information visit the "WMR DK" and "WMR History" sections of this website.

WMR Classic!

Come along with us... The old good thing is still going!